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Long Term Food Storage

What You Should Know About Long Term Storage Food
long term food storage
long term food storage
Want to build a store of emergency foods fast? Want to save money by buying in bulk? One of your best options is to buy a long term food storage package like the kind sold here.

These are packages that will feed you and your family for 3 months up to 1 year. These packages may include freeze dried meals, dehydrated foods or a mix of both.

Most packages include quick-prepare meals where all you do is add water and voila - you have your meal ready to go.
Plus, they do not add MSG, trans-fats or preservatives to their meals. So if you're concerned about health, these are the guys to go to.

I also like the fact that they have large serving sizes and give you a lot of food per package. Overall, they're one of the best values out there.

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long term food storage
#1 eFoods Direct

I like eFoods because they are one of the most affordable options out there and have several comprehensive packages that contain most of what you need to cover yourself and your family.
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You'll usually get a variety of different breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even snacks.

Some packages also add in extra items like freeze dried fruits, meats, veggies and more.

When comparing packages there are a few things to be aware of:

#1 Type of Food Included

For example, are they all freeze dried easy-to-prepare meals? Or is the majority of food bulk items like flour or wheat? Bulk items tend to cost less - but require more work than freeze dried or dehydrated meals.

#2 Number of Servings Included

Some packages give you 2 meals a day for each person whereas others give you up to 4 meals a day plus snacks. So when comparing prices, make sure to take this into account.

#3 Extras Included

Do you get just meals or are there extras included like drink mixes, dehydrated fruits and other snacks?

#4 Variety

What kind of variety are you getting? You don't want the same 3 meals over and over again. Make sure you're getting a range of different meals and snacks - the more variety the better to make sure your nutritional bases are covered.

#5 Stacking and Storing

What kind of storage containers do they use? Are these easy to use? Do that stack and store away easily so you can hide the food away from prying eyes?

Keep these things in mind when shopping for long term food storage. Where can you find the best deals? We've listed our recommendations below.

Where To Buy Online

Plus, they provide a unique storage advantage. Instead of using #10 cans - as most companies do - they put their meals into smaller mylar 4-serving pouches.

With #10 cans, once opened they have a shorter shelf life so you have to hurry to eat everything in the can before the food spoils.

But with the pouches you don't have to do this - you can use food up faster, and prevent food spoilage. This type of packaging also gives you more flexibility to choose which meals you're going to eat (You don't have to eat spaghetti for a full week in order to finish the can!).

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long term food storage - wise foods
long term food storage
#2 Wise Foods

Wise foods offers some of the most affordable long term food storage packages on the market. Food has a long 25 year shelf life. And the meals are so easy to make even a child could do it - you just add water and stir.

Want to know how much you need? You can use their food storage calculator.
long term food storage