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Freeze Dried Food

Best Places To Buy Freezed Dried Foods For Your Emergency Food Storage
freeze dried food
Where To Buy & Save:
Freezed Dried foods are one of the best long term emergency food storage options. Because of the unique freeze drying process, this food tends to taste better and retain more nutrients.

It's also easy to make - just add water, stir and wait a few minutes.

It's also very light (since all the water has been removed) which makes it ideal for go-bags or backpacking trips.

And best of all, freeze dried meals have a long shelf life - up to 30 years. Because of all this, freeze dried food is the top choice for people building a long term food storage supply or for backpackers and campers.

Here are some of the best places to buy freeze dried meals for food storage, emergencies, camping or hiking trips.
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#1 Ready Store

The Ready Store sells both Mountain House and Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried foods - from freeze dried fruit to full freeze dried entrees like Beef Pasta Stronganoff or Chicken Fettuccine

You can also find freeze dried meats, eggs and vegetables.

Most freeze dried foods have a long shelf life of 30+ years.

They sell freeze dried meals in #10 cans for long term storage, in smaller pouches for hiking, camping etc. and long term packages from several weeks up to a year.
You can order freeze dried entrees, vegetables, desserts, breakfasts and even freeze dried ice cream.

Savings Tip: You can get Free Shipping on all orders over $100.

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#2 Nitropak

Nitropak has been one of the top emergency preparedness stores for over 25 years. They carry a huge variety of freeze dried cans, pouches and long term packages.

They sell Mountain House foods in #10 cans as well as pouches for backpacking or camping. They also sell their own,  more affordable, brand of freeze dried food - which is great if you're on a budget.
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freeze dried foods - chicken
freeze dried food
freeze dried food
freeze dried food
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