Best 1 Year Food Storage Best 1 Year Food Storage
Best 1 Year Food Storage

Where to Get the Best Value For A One Year Food Package
best 1 year food storage
best 1 year food storage
Best 1 Year Food Storage:
Looking for  the best one year food storage package?

Buying food for an entire year has several benefits. You get it done onceand forget about it. You also know that all your bases are covered - you'll have everything you need to eat for a whole year, breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Plus you can often save money when you buy in bulk.  But where can you buy a one year food storage package?

We've listed our choice for the Best 1 Year Food Strorage package below as well as other places you can buy emergency food for one year.
The package comes with the most popular Mountain House foods (which are currently almost impossible to find) and a few other Nitropack "no-cook" foods.

So all the foods are easy to make - you just add water and stir. You won't have to worry about baking or trying to make complicated recipes in an emergency situation.

You get meals, side dishes, desserts, fruits, vegetables, snacks as well as breakfasts. You even get drinks. So you're completely covered with this package. And it's compact so it won't take up much space either.

Overall if you want easy-to-make freeze dried meals (which contain more nutrients than dehydrated foods) that will give you a sense of normalcy (because they actually taste good) and enough energy, this is the package to get.

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#1 Platinum Reserve Unit

The Platinum Reserve Unit from Nitropack gives you gourmet freeze dried meals, snacks, desserts, drinks, breakfast, fruits and vegetables for an entire year.

You get over 2000 calories a day for 1 person for a year (the unit will also cover a family of 4 for 3 months). That's a lot more food than you get with many packages (some give you as little as 800 calories a day!).

And it's more in line with what you're going to need to stay healthy and strong in a crisis.
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More Places to Buy One Year Food Storage:
best 1 year food storage
#2 Wise Foods

Wise foods offers some of the most affordable long term food storage packages on the market starting at 1 month up to a year.

The packages include meals like beef stroganoff, cheesy lasagna and chicken a la king. Plus the food has a long 25 year shelf life.

And the meals are so easy to make even a child could do it - you just add water and stir.

Want to know how much you need? You can use their food storage calculator.
Plus, they provide a unique storage advantage. Instead of using #10 cans - as most companies do - they put their meals into smaller mylar 4-serving pouches.  These have the advantage of being used up faster with less food spoilage.

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best 1 year food storage
#2 Nitropack

In addition to the Platinum Reserve unit, Nitropack sells several other one year packages.

For example, if you're on a budget, they have a very affordable 1 year dehydrated food package with fruits, vegetables, meats, millk, eggs, beans, soups, pastas and more.

They also sell freeze dried meal packages with lower calories per day than the Platinum Reserve for a more affordable price.
One of the main advantages of this seller is that they are a lead distributor of Mountain House foods - which are very hard to get right now due to massive demand and undersupply.

So while some distributors have been cut off, Nitropack is still getting Mountain House foods for their long term packages. (Mountain House has been rated as the best tasting freeze dried meals on the market.)

You can currently get free shipping with any of their one year storage packages.

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best 1 year food storage package